5 Times You Shouldn't Send Flowers

Date: March 14, 2019


Have you ever had that moment when you're thinking of sending flowers to someone and then you stop and think, "hmmmm maybe this isn't the time". We've been working in same day flower delivery for awhile, so we feel pretty confident in saying that we have some experience. From thrown flower bouquets, to garbaged rose deliveries, to torn bouquets of daisies; we've seen it all. A gift from us here at Send Flowers USA to you, we share with you five situations in which you should probably skip that flowers delivery or simply rethink how you send flowers.

When You Breakup With Someone


Some of you thought it was a good idea to send flowers to break up with someone. Thinking of sending breakup flowers? It's fine to send apology flowers after a breakup, sometimes it's a nice way to remain friends. However we are referring to when you send flowers specifically to breakup with someone. We don't recommend the breakup bouquet. Why you may ask? Anyone initial first reaction upon hearing they have a free flower delivery is that of elation and delight! So imagine running happily to your front door to receive a beautiful red rose bouquet of romantic flowers, and then opening the message card to find out that your love is breaking up with you. For the sake of broken hearts everywhere, and also our delivery specialists who have to witness it, please wait to send flowers after the initial breakup. Sending flowers afterwards is a nice way to give yourselves some closure and a basis for building a friendship. Trying all at once though? That's a terrible idea.

Best Flowers to Send After a Breakup

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Late Anniversary Flowers

A lot of men like to send flowers to celebrate their anniversary with their wife. We love seeing men who order flowers for the wife. It's romantic and such a sweet gesture. What we don't like seeing and typically don't find out until delivering the flowers, is when they've missed the correct anniversary date by a week or more. After your lovely wife signs for her delivery and opens her message card, do you know what happens?

That's right. Your lovely anniversary flowers get tossed right outside, or as we like to call it in the office, "garbage dumped". Don't judge her to harshly husbands, she's only that mad because she loved you enough to care about the exact date. Keep that in mind as the silver lining. In all seriousness though, don't miss that important anniversary delivery date. It will not go well for you.

Best Anniversary Flowers to Send On Time

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When The Recipient Is Allergic To Flowers


It happens sometimes if you don't know the correct flower to send. If you want to send flowers to a colleague or new work friend, it never hurts to ask around the office to make sure they're not allergic to any particular flowers. We've hardly seen this happen, but it never hurts to take a few minutes to inquire just in case. Some people have highly sensitive allergies, so just double check with their friends if you don't know them well enough yourself. Whoever works in their same office space is sure to have noticed if they are sensitive to certain elements. If you're not sure then send an orchid plant because they are very lightly fragrant and perfect for anyone who has allergies.

Perfect for People With Allergies!

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When It's The 3rd Bouquet With No Response

Whether you're trying to get a lost love back or tell someone you like them, that's a great time to send flowers! Anyone appreciates a one time bouquet of beautiful flowers, just don't send three flower bouquets or more. If you've already sent two rose deliveries and still not received a reply, then it's best to wait before sending more. If you send too many bouquets it may start to make them feel uncomfortable. Patience is a virtue and some people are shy, give them time!

When They Have A Trip & Have Pets

Sometimes people like to send bon voyage flowers. We love it, keep it up! Plant deliveries are perfect for sending to someone who is leaving for awhile. They just need a little water when the recipient gets back and they perk up and continue to be beautiful. The only time we don't recommend it, is when the person in question has pets. In particular if they have cats. Our precious animals and beloved pets need time to adjust to new things in their space, and they love dirt and anything they can climb into. To avoid this scenario, send a plant delivery directly to their office so that they won't have to risk plant annihilation by form of beloved cat.

Perfect Plant Delivery for Pet Lovers!

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Sending Flowers During a Break

There's a right way...and a wrong way...

Should you send flowers during a break? We aren't referring to their spring break trip, we mean when you're trying to decide if your relationship is worth the hassle. This can be a bit tricky because every relationship is truly different. We've seen some interesting cards over the years, and while we would never claim to be psychiatrists, we can share what we've obsessed.

Yes you can flowers during a break. Firstly, once is enough. Do not send more than one bouquet. Even someone who loves you will feel annoyed and smothered with constant flowers(we know, we deliver them). Send one bouquet, say your peace, and be done with it from that point forward. Secondly and most importantly, your card is crucial. If you're sending flowers during a break, it's likely that your relationship is already rocky. Don't just hand over your heart with a thorny red rose bouquet, declare your eternal love, and hope for the best.

No woman or man likes to feel that they own someone. Part of the fun in a relationship is wooing each other and always feeling the slight edge to keep them happy. That feeling has to work both ways. Your card shouldn't hand over all of your own power as an individual. If you have too, make it read more like a warm business proposal. I hope we both find a solution to be happy together, or I'm invested in finding a solution we're both happy with. Let him or her know that you want to make things works, but for both of you. In the long run if you aren't both happy, no one will be happy.

Best Relationship Flowers For a Break

To express a desire for a mutually healthy and loving relationship...

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