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Shop your favorite flowers by color! Which floral colors are your favorite? Find the floral color bouquet you want the most and shop different colored flowers online with Send Flowers Com. Same day flower delivery is available. The colors of flowers are varied and you may be surprised to find unusual flower colors or unknown flower colors from popular bouquets delivery online.

How Flower Colors Affect Our Mental State

Red Colors Of Flowers

Red flowers are the color of love. Red roses are associated with romance in the floral industry, so then you may be surprised to discover that the color red raises blood pressure. Is this a good or bad thing? We're guessing it depends on whom they're from. The color red if prolonged can also heighten your appetite and creates excitement. Send red floral colors in your flower bouquets to excite your loved one and get their blood pumping. If the color red inspires impulse than inspire your love by impulsively sending them red hued flowers.

White Colors Of Flowers

Though the color white may not inspire as many different emotions as some other popular colors, the feelings and thoughts it does inspire are very strong. Our initial thought when we see the color what is of cleanliness and a natural purity. The color white also makes us think of life and death. This is one of the reasons why the most commonly sent sympathy gift is a white orchid plant which represents the deceased. Oddly enough we would send white flowers to welcome a newborn baby as it breathes its first breath and to say goodbye to a grandparent as they breathe their last. It takes a pure and kind heart to do something without benefit for someone else. This is one of the reason white flowers are also the most requested thank you flower bouquet. The white flower bouquet represents the pure and giving nature of the helper.

Light Pink Colors Of Flowers

Very similar to pink flowers, light pink flowers inspire the same feeling but on an even gentler level. Described as youthful and feminine, sending light pink flowers is equivalent of sending warmth and contentment to someone. Light pink is thought to be one of the best colored flowers to have around your home when you wish to feel calm and comforted. Light pink soothes us, makes us feel content, and the feminine grace reminds us of our mother as an ever gentle and guiding presence in our young lives.

Pink Colors Of Flowers

When you consider that pink flowers are the favorite flower color to send for mothers, it suddenly makes a lot of sense that they make us feel youthful and "feminine". In this particular case people would associate the feeling of being feminine with softness and empathetic sensitivity. Both a color that inspires warmth and easy feelings on contentment, pink floral colors are great bouquets for the gentle soul in your life.

Pastel Colors Of Flowers

If you didn't know, pastel floral colors are the most sought after bouquets for Easter, which is not surprising when you consider that pastel colors are associated with rebirth and new thought. Whether you're embarking on a new part of life, or moving into a new home, or celebrating a new year with spring flowers, pastel flowers make us think of Spring, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

Peach Colors Of Flowers

We were not able to find information about the affects of the color peach on our minds from any source that can be considered reliable. The information provided for "peach flowers" is based solely off of a poll taken from our large office. For our office, peach flowers were associated with thoughts of depression and anxiety. Well if peach flowers are associated with negative connotations then why send them? People stated that these peachy flowers did not cause these emotions, but rather that they were attracted to them when feeling those emotions. Peach is the most neutral flower hue, almost the color of our skin, and our large staff of workers reported that during moments of doubt or anxiety that they were most attracted to the peach floral bouquets as a source of calm and focus during moments of much needed calm.

Purple And Yellow Colors Of Flowers

If purple flowers make us feel luxurious and thoughtful then it stands to reason that mixing them with yellow flowers is a good idea. If yellow flowers make us feel open and friendly then it's a good idea to mix them with purple flowers. Since the darker hues can make us feel mournful or thoughtful, mixing them with yellow flowers would naturally make you lean more towards the thoughtful and regal state. If you want to send purple floral flowers, mix them with yellow blooms to ensure that your recipient leans towards thoughtful and happy rather than thoughtful and mournful.

Purple Colors Of Flowers

Purple colored flowers are regal. Once years and years ago, the color purple was strictly reserved for royalty. The color purple is not clearly explained. Purple hues don't so much make us feel a certain way as much as they are a color that we are attracted to when we already are feeling something. People who are feeling reflective and thoughtful, or mournful are attracted to purple. However, not limited to that, purple floral color are attract and further inspire the creative part of our minds.

Orange Colors Of Flowers

Orange floral colors are full of life and are vivacious. Studies have shown that orange can inspire moments of ambition and yet also relaxes us. Though your initial thought may be that this sounds counter intuitive, if you reflect of successful moments of your life or career, you will probably see a link between ambition and lack of stress. In order to succeed you must be calm and in control in certain moments of your life, and think with a clear head. Send someone an orange flower bouquet to remove stress so that they can concentrate on the finish line.

Mixed Colors Of Flowers

Not looking to inspire a particular feeling or encourage any thought? There's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we want to send a mixed bouquet of mixed floral colors just for fun. This is the perfect occasion to send mixed florals to someone. If you aren't sure what feeling you should inspire or what colors their personality is attracted to, then just gift them with all of the flower colors. They will naturally be attracted to whatever it is that they need to feel in whatever moment that they're feeling it.

Green Colors Of Flowers

Just like a freshly mowed lawn, green floral colors make us feel fresh and clean. This is probably one of the reasons that green plants are so popular for office spaces where people need to feel like they're working in a neat and tidy space. Of all of the major color families, the color green is the easiest to look at for long periods of time and leaves us with a sense of happiness and freshness.

Yellow Colors Of Flowers

Yellow colored flowers are highly interesting. When exposed to small amounts of yellow, for example your yellow rose bouquet or yellow lily arrangement, you will feel friendly and open. Interestingly enough though, when exposed to large amounts of yellow, it can make one harbor feelings of anger. Don't worry, your yellow floral delivery isn't enough to set off that inner alarm. With that said, no matter the man in the banana costume gets so much flak.



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