Topiary Flower Arrangements

If you're having a high end party, need unique tall wedding flower arrangements, or like very architecturally sound flower bouquets, then you need to take a look at flower topiaries. A topiary with flowers will impress all who see it, making them the perfect flower arrangement for your next evening event or party. Each flower topiary is tall, grandiose, and very colorful. So when are topiary arrangements flowers used? Topiary flowers are great wedding and special ceremony flowers. We call them many things, but to assign only one adjective to them, we'd just call them "fancy". Fancy flowers for fancy events. If you need your space to be swanky, then a floral topiary delivery is right up your alley.

Topiary Flowers

So what kinds of flowers are used in topiaries? While there is no absolute "topiary flower" there are flowers that are better suited to making topiary flower arrangements. These arrangements are usually tall with a slim middle and rounded or peaked top. Even though the center is usually held upright with the aid of a piece of wood or platform, it's still better to use a flowers that has a strong stem, or a plant with a strong base. Due to the rigidity of the bottom of this kind of topiary arrangement and the architecturally strong look that desired, you will often find topiary centerpieces created with lily plants, lily flowers, or birds of paradise plants and birds of paradise flowers. Though traditionally most topiary garden arrangements are made with plants, there are some that are made into the shape of topiaries, but are just hand arranged flowers. This kind of arrangement is better suited to one time events or parties. If you giving someone a floral topiary or a flower topiary as a special occasion gift, you should send a plant variety that will live on.

Topiary Flower Arrangements

Flower Topiary Centerpieces

Some of the most request topiary flower arrangement are in the form of topiary wedding flowers. To purchase topiary wedding centerpieces for sale use the free flower delivery coupon code "sendfree". Amazingly enough, even though the designs are intricate and require time and labor from the florist, most of them are still available for same day topiary flower delivery. Sometimes the plant varieties for the ceremony are referred to as wedding topiary trees centerpieces. People will often use these "little flower trees" to line the walkways or aisle. Though topiary flower gifts are mostly reserved for formal occasions and events, there are a few people who order topiary arrangements delivered to loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because gifts. Especially the plants topiaries are nice plant gifts because they keep growing as long as they're cared for. Just be mindful that as your plant grows it may need to be readjusted on it's stick for healthy placement. This is usually very easy to gage just by looking at the way the root is growing. If the plant is beginning to turn slightly instead of growing straight up then it needs some more space. You can also replant your plant topiary outside at some point too.

Using Flower Topiaries at Weddings

Our local topiary florist can create any of these luxury flower arrangements for you and in most cases, can even deliver same day. No matter your event or location, whether indoors or outdoors, flower topiary centerpieces are always striking. Each topiary flower arrangement has its own unique style and feel. Floral topiaries are probably most used as topiary wedding centerpieces, but not for the table. They're usually used to line the bride's path or to decorate the front where the bridesmaids and groomsmen stand. At the end of the festive occasion, often times the bride and groom will give away the wedding topiary trees centerpieces to them as gifts alone with something else like jewelry or cigars for the men. It's great to give away your wedding topiaries to attendees, but in case of groomsmen and bridesmaids, you should give an additional gift as a thank you for participating in the actual wedding day event.

Another common use for wedding topiaries is to line the driveway of the event. While this would be astronomically expensive for large venues, many people don't line the entire path. It's better to set wedding topiary centerpieces immediately in the front of the church or venue where cars will pull up and stop, or where the bride and groom will depart after the ceremony. Floral topiary trees are also used to decorate the dinner table where the families will share their first meal together after the marriage. If you plan to use them this way, we recommend that you look for arrangements that are taller and feature a ball shape at the top. This makes conversing at the table easier for both parties.

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