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Flowers and Their Meanings

You already know that sending a beautiful bouquet of fresh and vibrant flowers is a wonderful way to express your sweetest sentiments. But did you also know that each flower has a special meaning and representation? Below is a list of over two hundred flowers and their meanings that we compiled from The Old Farmer's Almanac, Society of American Florists, and to help you find exactly what you want to convey before sending your next floral arrangement.

Acacia (rose or white) - elegance
Acacia (yellow) - secret love
Acanthus - the arts
Adonis - sorrowful remembrance
Alstroemeria - aspiring
Althaea Frutex - consumed by love
Alyssum (sweet) - worth beyond beauty
Amaryllis - dramatic
Anemone - unfading love
Angelica - inspiration
Apple Blossom - promise
Asphodel - my regrets follow you to the grave
Aster - contentment
Azalea - abundance, temperance
Babyís Breath - festivity, pure of heart
Bachelorís Buttons - delicacy
Balsam (red) - impatient resolves
Balsam (yellow) - impatient
Begonia - deep thoughts
Bells of Ireland - good luck
Betony - surprise
Black-Eyed Susan - encouragement, justice
Blackthorn - difficulty
Bluebell - constancy
Bramble - remorse
Broom - humility
Buttercup - desire for riches, ingratitude
Butterfly Weed - let me go
Calycanthus - benevolence
Camellia - graciousness
Candytuft - indifference
Canterbury Bell - constancy
Cardinal Flower - distinction
Carnation (pink) - I will never forget you, gratitude
Carnation (red) - flashy
Carnation (striped) - refusal
Carnation (white) - endearment, remembrance
Carnation (yellow) - cheerful
Celandine - joys to come
Centaury - delicacy
Chamomile - patience
Cherry Blossom - beauty, spirituality
Chrysanthemum (bronze) - excitement
Chrysanthemum (white) - truth
Chrysanthemum (red) - sharing
Chrysanthemum (yellow) - secret admirer, sighted love
Cinquefoil - beloved daughter, maternal affection
Coltsfoot - justice shall be done
Columbine (purple) - resolved to win
Columbine (red) - anxious, trembling
Coreopsis - always cheerful
Coriander - hidden worth
Cornel - durability
Cosmos - peaceful
Crocus (saffron) - mirth
Crocus (spring) - youthful gladness
Crown Imperial - majesty, power
Cyclamen - diffidence
Cypress - death, mourning
Daffodil - chivalry, regard
Dahlia - dignity
Daisy (general) - innocence, hope
Daisy (Michaelmas) - farewell
Daisy (parti-colored) - beauty
Delphinium - boldness
Dittany of Crete - birth
Dittany of Crete (white) - passion
Dogbane - falsehood
Elder - zealousness
Endive - frugality
Fern - sincerity
Fir - elevation
Foxglove - a wish
Freesia - spirited
Forget-me-not - remember me forever
Gardenia - joy
Geranium (craneís bill) - envy
Geranium (dark) - melancholy
Geranium (scarlet) - comforting
Geranium (yellow) - ingratitude
Gillyflower - bonds of affection, lasting beauty
Gladiolus - strength of character
Goldenrod - encouragement
Harebell - grief, submission
Hawkweed - quick sightedness
Hawthorn - hope
Heather - solitude
Helenium - tears
Heliotrope - devotion, faithfulness
Hibiscus - delicate beauty, sweet disposition
Holly - domestic happiness, hope
Hollyhock - ambition
Honesty - honesty, sincerity
Honey flower - love sweet and secret
Honeysuckle - bonds of love
Honeysuckle (French) - rustic beauty
Honeysuckle (wild) - inconsistency
Horse Chestnut - luxury
Houstonia - content
Hyacinth (general) - play, sport
Hyacinth (blue) - constancy
Hyacinth (white) - unobtrusive loveliness
Hydrangea - perseverance
Hyssop - cleanliness, sacrifice
Iris - inspiration
Ivy - fidelity, marriage
Jasmine - gracefulness
Jasmine (Cape) - I am too happy
Jasmine (Carolina) - separation
Jasmine (Indian) - attachment
Jasmine (Spanish) - sensuality
Jasmine (white) - amiability
Jasmine (yellow) - elegance, grace
Jonquil - desire for return of affection
Kingcup - desire for wishes
Laburnum - pensive beauty
Ladyís Slipper - capricious beauty
Lantana - rigor
Larkspur - lightness
Lavender - distrust
Lilac (purple) - first emotions of love
Lilac (white) - innocence, purity
Lily (Casablanca) - celebration
Lily (Day) - enthusiasm
Lily (Stargazer) - ambition
Lily of the Valley - return of happiness
Liverwort - confidence
Lucern - life
Lupine - imagination
Magnolia - dignity, love of nature
Marigold - desire for riches, grief
Marigold (African) - uneasiness
Marigold (French) - jealousy
Marjoram - happiness, joy
Mint - virtue
Mistletoe - I surmount all difficulties
Moonflower - night
Morning Glory - affection, night
Morning Glory (red) - attachment
Mourning Bride - unfortunate attachment
Musk Plant - weakness
Myrtle - emblem of marriage
Narcissus - egotism
Nasturtium - patriotism
Nightshade (Belladonna) - silence
Nightshade (Woody) - truth
Oleander - beware
Orange Blossom - fertility, womanís worth
Orchid - delicate beauty, luxury, refinement
Orchid (Cattleya) - mature charms
Orchid (Slipper) - capricious beauty
Pansy (Heartís Ease) - loving thoughts
Pansy (purple) - you occupy my thoughts
Passion flower - passion
Peony - healing
Peony (red) - devotion
Periwinkle (blue) - early friendship
Periwinkle (white) - pleasures of memory
Petunia - resentment and anger
Pink (Dianthus) - boldness
Pink (China) - aversion
Pink (double Indian) - always lovely
Pink (Mountain) - aspiring
Pink (red) - pure and ardent love
Pink (white) - ingeniousness, talent
Poinsettia - be of good cheer
Polyanthus - pride of riches
Polyanthus (crimson) - the heartís mystery
Polyanthus (lilac) - confidence
Pomegranate Flower - mature elegance
Poppy (red) - consolation
Poppy (scarlet) - extravagance
Poppy (white) - my antidote
Primrose - young love
Primrose (lilac) - confidence
Queen Anneís Lace - delicate femininity, regal
Ranunculus - radiant
Rhododendron - beware
Rose (burgundy) - unconscious beauty
Rose (coral/peach) - appreciation, congratulations
Rose (lavender/purple) - enchantment
Rose (pink) - admiration, friendship
Rose (red) - passionate love, desire
Rose (red & white) - unity
Rose (white) - purity, innocence
Rose (yellow) - happiness
Rudbeckia - justice
Snapdragon - presumption
Sorrel - affection
Southernwood - constancy
Star of Bethlehem - hope
Stephanotis - good luck
Statice - success
Stock - bonds of affection, contentment
Sunflower (dwarf) - adoration
Sunflower (tall) - appreciation
Sweet Pea - delicate pleasures
Syringa - memory
Syringa (Carolina) - disappointment
Trumpet Flower - fame
Tuberose - pleasure
Tulip (pink) - caring
Tulip (purple) - royalty
Tulip (red) - declaration of love
Tulip (striped) - beautiful eyes
Tulip (white) - forgiveness
Tulip (yellow) - hopelessly in love
Valerian - readiness
Valerian (red) - accommodating disposition
Violet (blue) - faithfulness
Violet (yellow) - rural happiness
Violet (white) - innocence
Wallflower - fidelity in adversity
Water Lily - purity of heart
Yarrow - good health
Zephyr Flower - expectation
Zinnia (magenta) - lasting affection
Zinnia (mixed) - thoughts of absent friends
Zinnia (scarlet) - constancy
Zinnia (yellow) - remembrance
Zinnia (white) - goodness

Flowers and their meaning

Use this flower meaning chart to recheck flowers & their meanings before you send flowers to someone to see that you're expressing the sentiment you truly want too.


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