How to Send a Teddy Bear to Someone

Being a delivery company we have seen the best and worst of teddy bear deliveries. To smooth out the process and get your stuffed animals delivered in an orderly manner, take some advice from the experts. There are many reasons why someone may wish to send a teddy bear. From a get-well bear delivery, a romantic teddy bear delivery, or to say I'm sorry; whatever your reasons are there are a few simple steps in making sure when you send a bear to someone that your delivery goes smoothly.

Stuffed Animal Delivery

  • • Plan Ahead
  • • Know The Best Address
  • • Know Their Comfort Level
  • • Write A Card That Matters
  • • Get a Helper On The Inside

Mail a Teddy Bear

Most of our bears are hand-delivered, but this one can be mailed if you prefer. You can send a teddy bear in the mail, especially since they don't wilt or perish like flowers would. We like the personal touch of a hand delivered teddy bear. If you're unsure of their schedule, or when they'll be home, mailing a teddy bear may be a better choice for you. You don't need to concern yourself with how to send a teddy bear in the mail, just select the above bear and our workers will take care of the rest.

Plan Ahead of Time

Plan ahead means that even though you can send flowers on the same day as a same-day flower delivery, doesn't mean you should cram it all into one day. For the best flower delivery experience, schedule your gift ahead of time, even if it's just the day before. We love same day flowers as much as the next person, but why push it when you don't have too? Avoid the Where is Waldo scenario by using a bit of forethought. This is especially important for flowers and stuffed animal delivery because the flowers will need to be brought inside and cared for.

Best Flower Delivery Address

If you want to send someone flowers on the weekend, consider sending them to work instead. Depending on who they are, you would know better than us, they may be someone who enjoys being out all weekend or staying in at home. If they typically run around on the weekends, then you're likely to miss the delivery and the florist will not sit there and wait all day until they return. If you want to make sure they stick in one spot and don't miss their free flower delivery, then consider sending flowers to them at work instead. If you scheduled a day ahead as we've recommended then their flower bouquet will probably arrive in the earlier part of the morning after they've had their first cup of coffee. What a nice way to start the day!

Extroverted or Introverted

Is your teddy bear delivery going to the life of the party, or to your analytical sweetheart who appreciates their privacy? Take our word on it when we same there's no one who doesn't enjoy a same day teddy bear delivery. What does change is the preference in the manner that the delivered teddy bear reaches them. If you want to make a show of it, then have it delivered to the front desk of their building where everyone will see, and they'll come up to claim their love prize in front of the world. If you're friend, sweetheart, or colleague tends more toward the private teddy bear delivery then make a note on the delivery of where their desk is in the office, or plan for that early morning delivery when everyone's just getting settled so that he/she has some alone time.

Personalized Cards Worth Keeping

Unless you want your personalized message to end up in the trash once it's opened, take the 5 minutes to write something meaningful. Whether it's to say you're sorry for a loss, or Happy Birthday, or hey I miss you; every card should have at least 1 - 2 sentences at the very least. Give them a reason to hold onto your words.

Get Inside Help

No, not from your psychologist silly! Designate someone on the inside as your partner in crime. Whether it's a friend of a friend, or the desk receptionist, or maybe a brother or sister living with the family; they can safeguard your plan. It's much easier to send a stuffed animal when you have some help. This is especially useful if you send a teddy bear to someone at home. An insider can make sure that your recipient stay put until their flower bouquet arrives. It really helps to get an extra pair of hands to force someone to stay put, oops, we mean "on your project"!

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