Sending Sympathy Plants For A Loss

Sending a sympathy plant to someone has long been a tradition in several countries and across many vast cultures. Whether it's sympathy plants for a funeral or sympathy plants for the household, they are considered to be a thoughtful gift and kind expression of love and respect for the dearly departed. Learn the sympathy plants meaning before sending flowers. Then you'll know the best sympathy plant for your needs.

Plants For Sympathy

Why do we send a plant delivery?

In most cases when we send a sympathy plant to someone, it's a sign of respect and to express love. Depending on your life and work situation, this may be a colleague's family, a neighbor or even a friend of a friend. Depending on how close you are to the deceased, your plant delivery can differ, as can a sympathy plants meaning. If you're unsure of the appropriate delivery for your connection with someone who has passed, see the sympathy plants ideas below to learn which plants are suited to your needs.

When should I send plants instead of flowers?

There's a common misunderstanding that plants should be sent for same-day delivery to the funeral home for the viewing. Though no one will necessarily frown at this, you shouldn't do it. A sympathy plant delivery should be sent directly to someone's home, office, or wherever the immediate family has gathered. One of the best reasons for sending plants instead of flowers is because of their longevity. It's that very longevity that also makes them a nuisance if you send them to a funeral home or viewing. Afterwards they'll all have to be delivered home somehow. For the funeral or a viewing send flowers, but for the home or office send a plant variety. The family should take relief in your gift, not feel an extra burden from it. So what is a good plant to send for sympathy when the recipient loves flowers? If you really prefer to send flowers, send a flowering plant instead.

What kinds of plants are most appropriate?

Common sympathy flowers and sympathy plants delivered include the peace lily, orchids, azalea, palm plants, and dish gardens.

Sympathy Plant Ideas

What means what? Read the description below and decide whether or not this type of same day delivery plant is right for your relationship with the deceased or not. Many times you may find that it depends on what expression you wish to convey, or how you write your description card. We will list some of our favorites quotes from other's below to help you understand how best to send a living plant. So what are the best sympathy plants?

White Peace Lily Plant Delivery

Peace Lily Flower Meaning: peace, healing, rebirth, hope, chastity,

This pale white flower grows from leafy stems in single and multiple varieties, representing healing for the individual who receives it. This flowering plant can carry different meanings for various situations, but when sending it as a sympathy plant, it's considered to be a healing gift. Both refreshing, bright, and clean looking, a peace lily is calming to those who see it and said to raise spirits. Within a storm of emotion with a blend of pain, sadness, anger, and confusion, the peace lily flower gives a moment of quiet to your friend or loved one. It's for this reason that it's one of the most delivered sympathy plants in the United States.

Sympathy Orchid Delivery

Orchid Flower Meaning: beauty, passing, christening, innocence, purity

The orchid gift meaning is very special. White orchids in particular are said to resemble the life of the deceased. They're the first recommend flowers meaning loss. With one growing stem, the single orchid delivery typically lives anywhere from six to eight weeks, and it signifies the joint beginning of life and passing of someone's loved one. This is the very reason you would could also send an orchid to a christening as well as a funeral viewing. White orchids are one of the most delivered sympathy plants, running closely behind the first ranked, which would be dish gardens. Some people do send different colors of orchids, but white orchid plants are the most ordered. Not only popular because of it's beauty, it's also one of the best options for people who have allergies. You'll have to decide if this sympathy flower delivery is right for your needs or not. Many people like the idea of sending a plant that lives only a few weeks. It gives the recipient the comfort of having a reminder thats someone is supporting them, but once the plant has withered, they can throw it out. This saves them the constant reminder of their loss. If you think your recipient would rather have a long-term growing plant delivery, see the other options.

Azalea Sympathy Plants

Azalea Flower Meaning: health, femininity, care, fragility, temperance

The azalea flower's meaning may stand for femininity and fragility, but it's more than that. The azalea flower is frequently sent to both women and men, not to be confused as a flower for women. In this case the "femininity" that's referred to is similar to that of your mother or even mother nature herself. Fragility shows the fragile event and feelings surrounding the individual, but the feminine care simply tells the recipient to take care of themselves. Care for yourself right now as your mother would or anyone who loves you in that nature. Send someone an azalea plant to tell them that thought they're hurting or experiencing pain, that there are people who are still thinking of them, and to take care of themselves and their health. It's almost like when you send an azalea plant delivery you're gifting them something to constantly remind them that other people love and appreciate them. That's why you want them to cherish their health and care for themselves. Though it's not the most popular loss plant to send, the essence of it is probably one of the sweetest choices available.

Palm Plant Sympathy Delivery

Palm Plant Meaning: eternal life, resurrection, truth, protection, fertility

To show someone strength and protection during their time of need, people send small, medium, and large palm plants. This strong plant delivery exemplifies and emits strength to your loved one during a time when they need it most. Very long lasting and requiring little maintenance, they make great plant deliveries to just about anyone. Send a palm plant to express sympathy but to also give your recipient a theoretical shoulder to lean upon. Though you may not be there in person during their entire experience, your delivered palm plant gives them a sense of your protection. The continually growing plant also serves to remind them that life goes on and that all things and born and pass with their energy flowing from one to another. There are many types of heights, arrangements, and varieties to choose from. We'll just remind you in this case to send palm plants that fit your recipient's lifestyle. Meaning, if they live in an apartment, maybe the big palm plant isn't the best choice? A small to medium sized palm plant with a nice planter container should serve your needs as well as theirs.

Dish Gardens

Dish Garden Meaning: build and set your own meaning by the mixed plants you choose.

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