How to Send Balloon Bouquets

If you're new to how to send balloons you may be surprised to find that there is a bit of know-how involved in the flower and balloon delivery process. Before picking out your flowers and balloons for your birthday balloon delivery, or deciding on balloon bouquet ideas, make sure to read some hints from us here at Send Flowers to make sure you really get a good bang for your buck. Every rose and balloon delivery is better sent with care. Knowing how to send balloons to someone is half the battle.

Balloon And Flower Bouquet Delivery

Here are the 3 main questions you need to consider before sending balloons or purchasing a birthday balloon delivery. With balloon bouquets for delivery, ask yourself the following.

Balloon Delivery Basics:
1. To whom are you sending the balloon bouquet delivery?
2. Do you need to send balloons same day delivery?
3. Is your recipient going to be mobile or sedentary?

These seem like pretty basic and common-sense questions, but as a flower and delivery service who specializes in balloon bouquet delivery, let us be the first to say that we have "seen some stuff". Read on to find out exactly what to do, and more importantly, exactly what NOT to do.

flower and balloon bouquet

Balloons & Bear -Dozen Latex

To whom are you sending your balloon bouquet delivery?

Maybe it's for a child or a family member, is it a grown up? Here are some things to do and things to avoid when you send balloons. Any good balloon bouquet delivery service will have at least two basic types of balloons offered, and those are going to be mylar balloons and latex balloons, all of which are blown up balloons delivered. This is important when a florist is thinking of balloon bouquet ideas. Don't know the difference? Take a look below, and you can easily see how they differ.

Mylar balloons look like this...

Latex balloons look like this...

There are two ways to look at this, and it depends entirely on you and how well you know your recipient. If you're sending birthday balloons to a small boy for example who has more fun breaking them or playing with them (nothing wrong with that), then these are two options to consider. You can either save money by sending the latex balloons which will break more easily or invest in the mylar balloons which he will be able to hit his brothers with for quite some time. So, the way to look at it is - invest slightly more capital to increase the length of enjoyment or spend less so that when they do indeed pop, you won't grind your teeth and spend the rest of the party moping about it. Trust us when we say that children will just remember that you sent them balloons, and that they got to play with them. Playing with their balloon delivery is what will be the most lasting memory for them. Alas, to be a child again and to be so easily entertained.

Are you sending a balloon bouquet delivery to an adult? This is obviously quite a bit different. Adults are more than likely not going to venture forth into the balloon fray carnage, or at least not in front of you. You want these balloons to last a long time so that they can sit proudly in someone's home or even be totted around the office for show and tell. Mylar balloons are the only way to go, especially in a professional setting. For any kind of balloon bouquet delivery that's for your girlfriend, wife, or husband, mylar balloons are also a better choice. Not just because they last longer, but they also come with a very smooth and shiny exterior that's not possible to recreate on a latex balloon unfortunately. That shiny exterior can really make a flower bouquet look much more expensive. If you can't afford the extravagant 500 rose bouquet (no worries, few of us can), then buy your lovely $30-40 bouquet and pair it with some bright red, shiny mylar balloons and all of a sudden, poof, it looks very high end and expensive.

teddy bear with flowers and balloons

Bear Balloons And Flower Bouquet

Do you need to send balloons same day delivery?

Do you need to send balloons same day delivery? This one will never cease to amaze us. Most people do not order their flowers online or balloons online in advance. Surprise! Most of the time someone forgets or procrastinates, which is then followed by a manic panic, or searching online for balloons same day delivery. They'll even amazingly wait until after lunch time to truly panic about sending balloons to someone. If you are one of those people, yes you, don't look away; this is the information you need to absorb.

First and foremost we will state the obvious first. You are either ordering flowers online with your balloon bouquet or you're just ordering a balloon bouquet delivery. As you can well imagine, people don't go flocking after work around 6 PM to their local florist stores to order balloons same day delivery or flowers even. Imagine as a retailer receiving a balloon bouquet delivery request around 6 PM, spending the next hour arranging flowers, blowing up balloons and creating a beautiful presentation, then heading out around 7 PM to deliver those balloons after working a 9 to 5 day job. Yeah, we didn't think you'd be into that. We know it's hard to believe, but the florists of the world just don't want to do that either. Lesson to be learned? Every good delivery company like Send Flowers com has balloons same day delivery available, but you really and truly must place that balloons same day delivery order as least by 3PM to make sure it's delivered on time. If you don't want your balloon bouquet delivery to miss your recipientís big day, hit that sweet time before 3 PM to make sure it gets there! Sometimes the best balloon bouquets ideas are just a group of reminders to do things ahead of time. See? Balloon sending does not need to be difficult.

Where is your balloon bouquet delivery going?

Hopefully you'll have a sense of where your recipient is going to be, especially since you'll be needing the address to send your balloon bouquet delivery. If you have the ability at all, and especially if it's for a special event, we highly recommend checking in with a friend or co-worker to make sure they'll be in that day. If you're sending a birthday flower delivery with balloon delivery this may not affect you as much, but if it's a special event for example to say, "have a great performance tonight!", or to say "Get well soon!" your sedentary recipient may have become mobile without your knowledge and your balloons will be difficult to deliver. This is very easy to prep for though. All you need to do is call a close friend, or their business, or the hospital where a loved one is staying and double check to make sure they will be in that day. These are two example scenarios we see quite a bit that you can easily avoid with a double check.

Before having your balloon bouquets delivered, make sure your performer is in the building at the designated delivery time. Many performance spaces, especially in large cities, won't let them in until maybe an hour or two before. It may be difficult to even leave the delivery with someone if the stage manager isn't there yet. If you know that their backstage area is small, send a balloon either on its own, or send one balloon with flowers which will take up less space but still fit the festive atmosphere you want to create.

Wondering how to send balloons to a hospital? If you're sending balloons and flowers to a hospital, call to make sure their room hasn't been changed, or that they haven't been released to go home. The hospital won't just let delivery people aimlessly walk around, so you'll want to make sure your balloon bouquet delivery gets delivered correctly the first time. In fact, the more creative your "balloon arrangement ideas" they more likely they are not to let them into their room, which is very sterilized. Always let the online florist handle a balloon bouquet for the hospital. Not only does a trained florist know what they'll allow, but balloons delivered to a hospital are your best choice. Why? Balloons are cleaner than flowers, so the hospital and their personal doctor would probably prefer them.

Send Balloons Same Day Delivery

Send Flowers balloon bouquet delivery can be delivered same day to any office or home. The next time you need to know how to make balloon bouquets deliveries successful, you can always come back to this page to read about typical issues or mistakes people make. Always remember, a birthday with beautiful flowers and balloons is always memorable for both parties involved. Your balloon and flower bouquet will be especially created just for your loved one. Be sure to check out the rest of our Same Day Balloon Bouquets to find great gift to send to your recipient.

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