Gifts For Female Bosses

Everyone has a different relationship with their boss. Some of you may see each other once at a monthly meeting, and some may be sharing lunch boxes and umbrellas by now. It's always a little tricky to pick out Boss Day gifts, but it's even harder sometimes to figure out what the best Boss's Day gifts for her are. What gift do you give the female boss that you want to empower without sending her a bro-worthy gift basket. When we make office deliveries people usually have the same questions. What do I give a female boss that shows her I appreciate her hard work but also isn't so "neutral safe" that she hates it? Even close friends at work express concern at showing appreciation of someone's career regardless fo their sex. How do you accomplish that?

Female Boss Gift Ideas

We've specialized in Boss's Day gift delivery for several years now all over the United States, and we'd like to start by telling you a big secret. You're much more worried about your gift for her than she is. Take a deep breath and look below to find what our female boss gift recommendations are for you and your needs.

Gifts For The Professional Woman

If you're looking for gifts for the professional woman at work or just in your life, we would recommend a mix of boss flowers, foods, and gift baskets. These area few of our favorite gift deliveries for her that are professional and feature general items that more working women would enjoy. A beautiful orange rose bouquet for her desk will add a pop of color to perk up her office space. Most office workers in particular love their tea and coffee at the start of the day. The tea and coffee boss gift basket offers her a delicious, caffeinated start to the day, followed by a calming tea for the evening if she wants. The gourmet teas gift basket is also an excellent female Boss's Day gift. It offers mixed teas, fresh fruits, and even a pretty teapot. No more will she have to share a tea pot with messy coworkers. She can have her own and just keep it next to her at her desk while her delicious brew is working its magic.

Gifts For Female CEO

If you're looking for gifts for female CEOs then it may be time to step up your gift-giving game. She got where she is today by doing things big, and your thoughtful gift needs to show that you acknowledge and appreciate that. That doesn't mean that your gift needs to put you out several hundreds of dollars. It just means that your present for her should reflect in some way her high standing in your eyes and show that you appreciate the time and effort it took for her to get there.

Birthday Gifts For Female Bosses

Thankfully birthday gifts for your boss don't have to be as rigid as the celebration of a promotion or successful partnership. While your boss's birthday gifts should of course be professional, they can have a touch of playfulness to them as well. Keep things fun but classy with any of these three birthday gifts for your female bosses.

Send a female boss gift that says Happy Birthday like the birthday gift basket featuring great snacks, cookies and other treats that she can enjoy privately at her desk. This fun boss gift basket also comes with some fun sunglasses so that she can just be a colleague for a little while instead of a boss lady. Everyone needs a break now and then. If you just want to make your female boss smile, definitely consider the flower cake birthday bouquet! It's a top seller for a good reason. Everyone loves sending it, and the recipient always gets a good laugh as well as a beautiful cake bouquet. If you have a more formal relationship with her, the boss luxury spa gifts basket is a great pick. Packed with everything she needs to relax, this spa basket has calming products like bath bombs, a loofah, shower gels and body lotions. She can pamper herself all weekend.

Farewell Gift For Female Boss

If it's her last day and your female boss is already mentally checked out, it's time to give her a gift that's just fun. Depending on whether she's retiring or simply moving to a new position somewhere else, it's nice to make note of their final day with a parting gift. Balloons for your boss are great if your office is actually hosting a party. Congratulations balloon delivery adds some fun and color to your office food table and she can either take them home or have fun hitting coworkers with them. She's leaving so she has free reign to just have fun now. If you have a more subdued boss or she's reached a certain age and wants to peacefully retire to her favorite lounge chair and just relax, consider gifting her the lovely violet plant. As long as she takes care of her plant it will live a long time and it's something she'll receive much enjoyment from. If your female boss is like any of my female friends here at the Send Flowers' office, then you simply can't go wrong with a chocolate delivery. The chocolate covered gift delivery is a best seller and it's easy to understand why. It's a beautiful hand delivered gift and every cookie inside tastes just as delicious as it looks. Dipped in real Belgium chocolate, if she likes sweets at all, then she's sure to love it.

Sending Your Boss Roses - What You Should Know

Every female boss gift delivery we see is met with a smile, exclamation, and surprise. There's only one exception and it's a fine line to walk. It's fine to send roses to your female boss, but not red roses. Feel free to send yellow, white, pink, peach and any other colored roses to your female boss. Do not send your boss red roses though. The red rose is traditionally known as the love flower, and across different countries, peoples, and centuries it's always been viewed as a romance flower. It's socially acceptable to send mixed bouquets that contain red roses, but not solid red rose bouquets. Any woman who receives a red rose delivery at work will be followed by inquisitive glances followed by office gossip. Don't do that to your female boss. Actually, quite frankly, you shouldn't be sending them to your male boss either. Below are some great boss rose bouquets that are socially acceptable to send to her.

Roses Bouquets For Female Bosses

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