Historical Facts About Roses

Roses, which are among the most commonly known flowers and come in a variety of colors, have an interesting history. Many people love flowers, but for many it is truly all about roses. Below are some historical facts and rose flower facts all about these gorgeous flowers, as compiled from Passion Growers and The Flower Expert.

Historical Facts about Roses

  • • The earliest roses have been traced back to some 35 million years ago
  • • Cleopatra’s living quarters were filled with rose petals to remind Marc Antony of her every time he smelt roses
  • • Roses have been referenced in ancient Buddhist and Confucian religious documents
  • • The Romans cultivated this flower naming it Rosa Gallica, and newlyweds were often crowned with roses
  • • High society Roman women used rose petals like currency
  • • The earliest known rose painting was found in approximately 1600 B.C. in Crete, Greece
  • • First recorded in the 13th century, the apothecary rose was turned into jellies, oils, and powders, with the belief that it could cure a number of illnesses
  • • The War of the Roses was a civil war in England lasting from 1455-1487, in which the winner merged a white rose with a red rose creating the Tudor Rose, the Rose of England for a high society rose
  • • The modern rose era started with the first hybrid tea rose, "La France" in 1867, by a French breeder of the name, Guillot

More fun facts about roses below...

Rose Facts

Share these rose flower facts with anyone you know who loves roses or just unusual historical facts. If you're planning a romantic outing or a first date with someone, you never know when a few rose facts may come in handy. It's easy to see why there's a history of roses and valentines day when you become aware of the historical significance of roses and how long they've been cherished by so many vastly different societies over hundreds of years. Facts about the rose not only help you to appreciate the flower's beauty, but also show a glimpse of our ancient past. Although society has drastically changed, our simple love for roses has stayed the same since 500 BC! Now that's pretty amazing. Though not limited to only red rose facts, the history of the rose is nothing to scoff at.

More Interesting Facts About Roses

  • • The "thorns of roses" aren't really thorns, they are called prickles, which are derived from the climbing roses species which help when bonding to other plants and objects
  • • Throughout the history of roses we know that the earliest cultivation of roses began at least in 500 BC
  • • In France, a Spanish squash is a popular rose flavored dessert drenched in rose syrup, an extract of many rose petals
  • • Red roses are the most sold type of roses
  • • There are more than 100 different species of roses

Roses Facts

Take these facts about the rose flower and share your newly acquired flower knowledge with friends and family. The next time you stroll through the park or tend to your rose garden, you may see these flowers from a different perspective after reading these facts on roses. Come back for more historical facts about flowers, facts about red roses, and about all roses of every color. We always try to discover needly found rose fun facts to add here. Bookmark us and learn future facts about a rose that you like. Have some good facts about roses yourself? Let us know!


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