Ideas For Halloween Gifts

We've all been there at one time or another, wondering what do you give for Halloween? If you've been splitting hairs trying to figure out what to give someone for Halloween, we understand. With a vast array of cultures, peoples, and geographic areas celebrating Halloween, it's not surprising that this holiday has many different meanings. We've compiled a Halloween gift guide with festive gifts that are appropriate for all ages, men and women, and children(with the exception of one coffee item!).

Halloween Gift Ideas

Popular Chocolates in a Keepsake Woven Container with Decorative Orange Ribbon

Halloween Candy Basket

This fun Halloween candy gift basket is a treat for kids, and for your adult friends too. When you're a little too old to go trick or treating, there's always a Halloween candy delivery to bring back those yesteryear feelings. This gift is affordable and best of all, available same day. Send it anywhere in the US and treat a friend or family member with chocolate treats.

Orange Roses, Blue Eryngium, and Purple Statice with Googly-eyed Ghost in a Black Cube Vase

Ghost Flower Bouquet

This cute ghost flowers bouquet is a great same day Halloween gift too. From the fun black flower vase, to the orange roses and RIP headstone, it sets the mood instantly. The cute ghostie and tree branches with falling leaves in back reminds your recipient of those cool Fall days. Bring the rustling leaves indoors and send someone some Halloween inspiration with this ghost flower arrangement.

A Bouquet of 12 Orange Roses Flowers Arrive In A Box

Dozen Orange Roses

Perfect for anyone who loves roses, the Halloween season, and everything beautiful, this display says it all. These Halloween roses come hand delivered inside of a flower box with a card message. You can decide whether or not to add the vase. This lovely one dozen orange roses delivery is available as early as next day and matches the festivities perfectly.

12 Chocolate Dipped OREO Cookies dipped on White, Dark and Milk Chocolate Topped with Edible Fall Candies in a Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Halloween oreo cookies dipped in chocolate are certain to make anyone's mouth water. These oreo Halloween treats are dipped in chocolate and have cute Halloween sprinkles to make your recipient giddy. A great Halloween gift, it doesn't take up precious storage space either! Just open, savor, and toss. Fast, cleana dn delicious.

Assortment of Starbucks Coffee and Assortment of Sweet Treats with Starbucks Mug in a Basket

Coffee Gifts Basket

Sometimes the Halloween treat you need most, is a robust cup of coffee the next day. Survive the aftermath of the holiday and all fo those adorable little trick or treaters with a strong cup of joe. Perfectly paired with some delicious treats, you can savor a quiet moment in the morning while remembering your favorite Halloween costumes of the evening.

A Bouquet of Orange Roses, White Roses, Orange Spray Roses, and White Spray Roses in a Pumpkin Container

Pumpkin Flower Bouquet

What's better then Halloween pumpkins, Halloween flowers, and seasonal greetings? Combining them all into a holiday pumpkin flower bouquet of course. Not only will your recipient receive some beautiful white and orange roses, they'll also have a pumpkin vase keepsake to decorate this house or apartment. Great for holding Halloween sweets, spooky grab bags, or for mixing magic potions in, it's a cute pumpkin gift that they'll always cherish.

Sweet Chocolate Candy Bars, Coffee, and Nuts in a Wooden Decorative Box with Message Card

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

This gourmet chocolate gift basket is packed full of luxury chocolates by Godiva, Ghirardelli, and more. This Godiva and Ghirardelli gift basket says "Happy Halloween" is a luxurious and ultra decadent way. Express your love for the spooky season by sending them a Halloween candy basket they won't soon forget.

Assortment of Snacks and Candy Bar with 1 Piece Deck of Playing Cards and 3 Pieces Packs of Poker Chips in a Wooden Box

Poker Gift Basket

Stay in for a fun Halloween party night and throw your own shindig with this playful poker gifts basket. This Halloween poker game set gift is great for kids and adults. Kids can bet their candies if they're feeling daring, and adults and put some real money on the table(in our case a whole dollar!). Thats right, we're big spenders.

Orange Gerbera Daisies, Red Cushion Mums, Yellow Button Mums, and Silk Holly Leaves in a Black Cube Vase

Bats Flower Bouquet

When picking a Halloween gift makes you batty, stop pulling your hair out and send them this batty flower bouquet. Filled with orange gerbera daisies, yellow mums, orange leaves and cute stick bats your recipient will laugh and smile. Long after the flowers are gone, they can use the bat stick to decorate other fall bouquets, the yard, or plants in the house. The black vase is also a great Halloween party idea! Fill it with spooky gummy skeleton candies, eyes balls, or other scary paraphernalia.

A Bouquet of Orange Roses, Burgundy Cushion Mums,  Orange Alstroemeria, and Yellow Daisy Mums in a Ceramic Pumpkin Container with Lid

Fall Pumpkin Flower Bouquet

A different version of our pumpkin flowers bouquet, this Fall inspired version is filled with warmer colors. Send this pumpkin present to someone as early as same day. I'ts filled with orange alstroemeria, burnt orange roses and yellow daisies. The pumpkin container can be used afterwards as a long lasting gift that continues giving! Set it on the living room coffee table and store chocolates and bit sized treats inside.

Sweet & Savory Goodies Arranged in a Woven Container with Card Message

Halloween Candy Gift Basket

This Halloween candy gift basket feels like trick or treating for adults. Whether ordered for yourself or sent to someone else, you'll definitely feel the spirit of the season with these spooky treats. The Halloween themed orange bow on the front adds a touch of beauty to this otherwise playful child-inspired treats basket!

A Bouquet of  Orange Roses, Purple Monte Casino, Hypericum Berries, and Seasonal Greens in a Purple Vase with Purple Ribbon,1 Piece Black Latex Balloon and 1 Piece Yellow Latex Balloon

Flowers Halloween Balloon Bouquet

This flower and Halloween balloon bouquet it's eerily spooky and beautiful all at once. A dark purple vase gleams in the light as if it was a magic ball, with orange roses and purple widflowers artfully arranged inside. Attached and floating right above, is one black balloon and one orange balloon. This gift clearly represents the season for spooks with it's mix of traditional Halloween colors.

A Bouquet of Orange Roses, Orange Carnations, and Orange Asiatic Lilies with Spider Decoration on a Black Glass Cube Vase

Spider Flowers Bouquet

Send someone this creepy Spider flower bouquet and watch them "squirm" with squeamish excitment! Orange lilies and zombie green mums have never looked so gruesome as in this spider decorated flower arrangement. Crafty individuals will enjoy their flowers fully and afterwards find a way to reuse their creepy, crawly friend. Hot glue the spider to a hat for Halloween Day, or leave it on the doorstep to warn party-goers that eerie things await them inside.

A Bouquet of Mixed Nuts, Orange Kalanchoe Plant, Trail Mix, Peanuts, and Assorted Fruits in a Natural Handled Container

Fruit and Nuts Gift Basket

Show them how excited you are for Fall with this fruit and nuts gifts basket! Snow White worthy red apples look alluring yet mysterious amongst these delicious mixed nuts. Finished with a lovely woven, whicker basket and completed with a red kalanchoe plant, they'll just "die" for your gift. Write your recipient a creative card to let them know you're missing them and thankful for their friendship. Let them know how good the apples are..that you found on sale nearby a dwarven cottage int eh deepest, darkest spot of the woods.

A Bouquet of  Orange Gerbera Daisies, Orange Roses, Lush Greens and White Chrysanthemums in a Decorative Orange Vase with Card Message

Halloween Flower Bucket

This Halloween paint can flowers bouquet is for the elegant Halloween hostess or a precious lady in your life. Feminine with beautiful blossoming Halloween flowers, she's sure to appreciate it. The Halloween can makes a great kitchen accessory to hold witches ladels and all kinds of potion making equipment. Any elegant witch or warlock will enjoy having this keepsake afterwards to further enjoy the terrifying season.

Gift Ideas For Halloween

Our Halloween gift guide continues below, but here are some other fun Halloween ideas to consider!

More Halloween Gift Idea Recommendations...

A Bouquet of Orange Spray Roses, Yellow Button Chrysanthemums, and White Daisy Chrysanthemums in a Bowl with Jack-o'-Lantern Face

Glass Pumpkin Flower Bouquet

We don't know what's the better part of this gift, the glass pumpkin or the fresh filed cut flowers. White daisies, miniature orange roses, and yellow mums are hand arranged in a glass pumpkin, bedecked with a smiling face. Better than a servant girl's getaway pumpkin carriage, this pumpkin won't turn to mush at the end of the season. It's the forever lasting glass slipper, or rather glass keepsake, you can enjoy over and over again.

A Bouquet of Light Orange Roses, Orange Spray Roses, Hot Pink Carnations, and Matsumoto Asters in a Clear Glass Vase

Modern Orange Rose Bouquet

This modern ornage rose bouquet also has pink matsumoto asters, miniature lighter oranges, and touches of peach and green. The clear vase doesn't detrack from the beauty of the flowers while giving the design a contemporary feel. Freshly cut and packed full of fragrance, they're perfect for your dinner party or household side table when you first arrive home.

1 Piece Long-Stemmed Orange Rose, White Babies Breath, and Seasonal Greens in a Tubular Glass Vase

Ornage Single Rose Bouquet

If the full orange roses bouquet isn't for you, why not send a single rose to their work or home. This cute one rose bouquet has a single long stem orange rose with babies breath. It's further decorated with a row of rhinestone ribbon just around the thin, petite vase. If you enjoy Halloween, but aren't looking to be too decadent, this is an ideal alternative.

Smiling Sunflower with Red Ribbon and Trachelium in a Clear Glass Vase

Single Sunflower Bouquet

Send one sunflower to someone same day with this adorable little sunflower arrangement. This cute Halloween gift can only be described as adorable. One sunflower is sweetly arranged within bright green moss in a mason jar in this bouquet. Finished with a cute red ribbon and a little face, their heart will melt! Say "Happy Halloween" this year with this googly eyed sunflower arrangement that's perfect for children, teenagers, and adults.

A Bouquet of White Daisy Flowers, Yellow Roses and Green Chrysanthemums Button Sprays in a Smiley Face Coffee Mug

Smiley Face Flower Bouquet

Send someone a smile for Halloween with this smiley face flowers bouquet. Fresh cut white daisy flowers, mini yellow roses, and green mums and arranged inside a smiley face cup. It's a perfect Halloween hostess gift and is great for kids too. After their successful Halloween evening festivities, they can calm down with a hot cup of coffee or tea. The beaming smile printed on this cute yellow cup with have them smiling from ear to ear.

A Bouquet of Red Roses, Yellow Sunflowers, Orange Lilies and Green Poms in a Natural Cornucopia Basket

Cornucopia Flower Bouquet

A cornucopia flowers bouquet becomes part of your Halloween decor no matter where you place it. This cornucopia gift is an excellent Halloween delivery. Available even same day, this Fall flower cornucopia arrangement could decorate your hallway, dining table space, desk, or any other area you like to enjoy regularly. Ornage lily, red roses, green mums and dark purple flowers are simply gorgeous in this fall flower arrangement.

Big 36 Inch Teddy

Big Teddy Bear

If you're not really into the zombie masks, orange roses and pumpkin gifts, give them something more traditional. No man or woman alive would turn down a giant teddy bear delivery. Thy may try to play it off as you beign cute, but secretly inside, they're rejoicing no matter their age! Instead of a scary ogre, seamonster, or other fantasmal beast, just send an adorable cuddly teddy bear.

A Bouquet of Sunflowers, Neon-Green Button Poms, Green Hypericum and Jade Trachelium in a Modern Square Vase

Sunny Sunflowers Bouquet

Sunny sunflowers spread happiness wherever they travel! Why is this mixed sunflower arrangement such a great Halloween gift? The vines are creepily exposed beneathe. The clear square vase holds green moss, huge sunflowers, green mums and berries. Below are intwining cords of vines, perfect for setting the Halloween mood. Bring the creepy crawly forest feeling indoors with this twisted bouquet of vines.

Seasonal Ripe Fruits and Chocolatey Candies & Bars in a Keepsake Whicker Container

Fruit Chocolate Gifts Basket

When you simply can't choose between candy and fruits, this mixed Halloween fruit and candy gift basket check both boxes. Popular Halloween chocolate bars for the kids(and adults!) and fresh healthy fruit for the adults, it's a great family Halloween gift. It even includes a delicious pineapple that everyone can share. Use the basket afterwards to hold household items or shoes next to the front door. You could also spray paint it and leave it on the front doorstep for Halloween night! Paint a pumpkin face on it and place something hooooorrriiiffyyying inside. OooOOooOoOo....

Assortment of Chocolate and Candy, and Potato Chips in a Galvanized Tin Container with Curling Ribbon

Candy Bucket Gift

Get legit' with your candy hunting this year and leave the bag at home. You need something strong and reliable, like a solid bucket. Oh wait, except that this candy bucket comes already jam packed with candy. It's all of the delicious and wonderful things you love without any of the effort. Decorated with curly ribbons, it's cute and playful. It's perfect for sharing too, because there are plenty of sweets to share inside!

6 Pieces Autumn-Themed Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries and 6 Pieces Autumn-Themed Belgian Chocolate Covered Mini Cheesecake Pops in an Elegant Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Cake Pops

A great party tray to share and Halloween gift that won't take up space, this Halloween gifts basket has two of our favorites treats! Included are 5 chocolate Halloween cake pops and 6 Halloween chocolate covered strawberries. Delicious, cute and perfect for nibbling, set it out at your Halloween get together, or keep it locked away all for yourself! They're totally worth rising fromt he dead for! Lock your doors....

Green Cymbidium Orchids, Mini Green Hydrangeas, Blue Hydrangeas, Lined with Aspidistra Leaves, in a Keepsake Clear Vase with Card Message

Green Cymbidium Orchids

This monster green cymbidium orchids bouquet is only for those who are truly deserving. Why should this green cymbidium arrangement only be sent to your closest and dearest? It's a florist dream when it comes to luxury flowers. True lux-ur-y, this green zombie inspired bouquet is simply stunning. Also decorated with green and light blue hydrangea and aspidistra leaves there's not an inch of it that's not gloriously decadent.

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