Best Way To Send Flowers Online

...because you totally forgot their birthday.

It's Wednesday mid-afternoon and Facebook just reminded you that it's your friends birthday. Yes, you forgot again, we've all been there. You need a gift NOW, and that is when the flower industry becomes your immediate best friend, especially with flowers under $40. In a state of panic, and while probably searching on your phone at work, you need to get delivery like - yesterday. Sure, you're limited by a small screen, an overlooking boss, and thumbs; but this is a good friend. You suck it up, quickly grab your second cup of coffee and your off to search the "interwebs" for flowers.

However you're a savy shopper and you know the best way to order flowers online, so just because you're limited, that doesn't mean that you'll take any old thing. With that said, you're also not about to lug yourself on lunch break to some florist shop to wait in line 30 minutes either. It's very simple to send flowers online and send bouquets, and this is what you need! Some are even available with flowers under 25.

Send Flowers Online Checklist

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